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Providence Construction Ltd is New Zealand owned and operated. With Builders with 34 years experience, a certified and LBP’s.

Looking Skyward for Extra Space

Moving on Up

It can feel easy to outgrow a bungalow, especially with a growing or extended family! The good news is that if you love your existing home, and do not want to move - building a second storey is an effective and smart solution to get the extra rooms you require out of your once humble bungalow. When adding a second floor to a bungalow, you do not have to worry about changing the footprint, or the drainage - as they are already in place! We take care of planning the new structure, roofing, plumbing requirements if adding a bathroom, staircase - the lot! Therefore, building upwards is a convenient place to start dramatically increasing the floor space of your home!

Flexible Estimates and Expert Advice

We have over 75 years of combined experience in the industry extending homes for our customers, so we’ve been around the block a few times to know exactly how to make your build cost-effective for your budget. We offer realistic estimated costs so that you know what you’re likely to spend on a house addition, and we work on a ‘no job too small or big’ basis. The best part about a house addition going upwards is that you save costs on a new foundation and main drainage requirements! Get in touch with one of our expert team to find out how a house addition can elevate your property today.

Work Until It Is Perfect

We have a saying at Providence Construction - “Work rain, hail, shine or until your undies get wet”. We mean it. We will work tirelessly to build the home you planned, and don’t mind getting a bit of dirt under our fingernails. You can trust that our expertise, can-do attitude and strong support team will see you through all of your upwards renovations until they are ‘just right’. After the renovations are complete, we can recommend trusted interior designers or point you in the right direction for your next steps so that you get the start-to-finish service you deserve.

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