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Providence Construction Ltd is New Zealand owned and operated. With Builders with 34 years experience, a certified and LBP’s.



Ready to renovate in Grey Lynn?

We’re here to help! Our trusted team of builders know how to expertly transform your space – with wow factor! Home renovations are more than making your home look magnificent and magazine worthy. It’s also about making your homeworking as hard and efficiently as possible. Finding functionality, space and light, you never knew you had. Taming clutter with clever storage and giving you extra liveable space. Creating multi tasking areas to suit modern day life whether you have a modern house, a mid century home or an old villa. Every home can be made more liveable with good design and good builders – like us! Transform your home and make it work for you. When you work with us, we make it happen, on time, and on budget. Contact us to get started!


Whether you need a kitchen overhaul, a new sunroom or a complete renovation of your entire house – we are your people! We pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship, intelligent solutions and cost-effective plans to give your home the efficient reshuffle that it needs! Our experienced team and trusted subcontractors can assist you with planning, designing and carrying out the renovation work from start to finish, so that you get the result you want! We work with all kinds of buildings from traditional homes with original features to modern houses.


We offer renovation services for all of your needs and strive to create a better living flow for you and your family to enjoy a new outlook within familiar walls. We cover home renovations including kitchens, bathrooms, lofts, basements, (add space) cellars, bedrooms, granny flats, sleep outs and any other room you can name. If you need services like re-roofing, re-cladding and painting, HVAC solutions and any other renovation related work is taken care of – talk to us at Providence Construction and let’s chat about how we can make your space work for you.


Our policy is that no job is too big, or too small. We offer flexible estimates for straight-forward and more in-depth projects so that you know what you are getting and have a clear idea of how much your renovation project is going to cost you. While your renovation is being completed, we can also recommend highly skilled interior designers, or help point you in the direction of any extra services that you may be interested in for your home renovations.


Here are just some of the many home renovation projects we’ve carried out for clients in and around Grey Lynn and Auckland. We will help transform your home too as your family needs change, giving you much-needed breathing space and room to grow.
From zero to hero, kitchen home renovations can make a huge difference! Say goodbye to dark and dingy, tight spaces to a new light, open, user-friendly kitchen that all the family will be glad to come home to. A well-planned layout means no more tripping over each other and vastly increased ease of use. Plus of course, a friendly and welcoming kitchen will easily accommodate those extra people who inevitably flow into the kitchen at social gatherings. No longer the domain of pure drudgery hidden away from the family that they used to be, modern kitchens are now a delight and a talking point and truly the heart of any home. Kitchens are another big ticket value add in real estate. The kitchen is a room buyers will definitely focus their attention on. A great kitchen can literally sell a house and make it stand out head and shoulders over other homes in Grey Lynn. Need help designing your kitchen? Just ask and we’ll put you in touch with some of our favourite kitchen designers we’ve worked with successfully before. Working with us, we can provide an agreed quote ahead of time, so you know your budget, avoiding budget blowouts and nasty surprises. We’ll also manage all the sub-contractors for you from plumbers to electricians, gasfitters etc.

Renovating and updating your bathroom is another common home renovation that produces outstanding results. Just moving a door, or reconfiguring a space can mean a bathroom works so much better, or even allows a second bathroom to be born!

Creating space through clever design which allows the addition of a new separate toilet is a huge plus for busy families.

Our expert team will take your bathroom from beyond barely functioning to drop dead gorgeous.  

Home renovations can add immense value for relatively little cost, such as adding a deck for indoor outdoor/living. This is definitely great bang for your buck in terms of increasing value, plus a new deck gives you far more space, flow and year-round enjoyment. Sometimes a previous insensitive renovation to a character home can actually decrease the value and appeal of your home for future sale. Common insensitive past renovations can include poor floor plans, ugly old aluminium joinery or false siding, fake ceilings, and inappropriate period features in an earlier period house. For example, 1970s arches and saloon style doors in an old villa. Removing these will remove future losses and objections as your home will compare well to other homes in Grey Lynn. Real estate agents say that prospective future buyers see badly done work as something that in mind will take a lot of money and time to fix. This could easily discount your house from many buyers’ interest, or result in a significant price reduction that could knock tens of thousands of dollars off your house price.

With the trend of more generations of families living together, under one roof to share care of children or older parents and reduce housing costs, adding a granny flat or minor dwelling for multi-generational living is increasingly common. Also adding the same to help pay the mortgage and provide a long-term income stream.

We have worked on many projects like this where the different parts of the house make sense, giving privacy and everyone feels well accommodated for all their needs.

As home office usage soars, there is increasing demand for homes with home office areas. We can help convert an unused space into a home office or reconfigure your floor plan to create an extra study area. Clever storage and multitasking elements mean that even a relatively small space can provide an effective home office away from the distraction of family or entertainment rooms.